The Amber Room played host to some of the world of music’s most famous faces when Dame Shirley Bassey launched her latest album in 2010.  She later gave an impromptu performance during a fashion shoot of ‘I am what I am….’ simply because she was happy and loved The Ritz Club!

During a film shoot about the Bond movies in the Amber Room with Sir Roger Moore, the director had to shout ‘cut’ 11 times due to the noise of the Underground which can be heard as the tube trains rumble past.  The scene was relocated to the Bar of the Club due to the director’s frustration and everyone else’s amusement including Sir Roger.

Johnny Depp developed his love of Irish Whiskey whilst spending evenings at the Bar talking to the then Irish Head Barman who introduced him to some of the rarer malts.  The Ritz Club is one of the actor’s favourite Clubs to visit when in London.

In March 1987, Kerry Packer (the legendary Australian tycoon) reportedly lost 8 million pounds playing blackjack in the salle prive.  According to an eyewitness, he was playing two tables at a time and moving from one to the other to place his bets, playing all seven hands at each table and staking £10,000 pounds per hand.  As he lost, he repeatedly signed the casino’s house cheques for more chips at £200,000 a time.  Eventually tiring of signing his name he handed over a cheque for 1 million pounds instead.